At last, a different holiday

Large all-inclusive hotels, staying in the same place without discovering your destination, eating much more than you should at the buffet, getting sunburn in the sun all afternoon ... This, 7 days in a row, and then back home to wait for another year; Does it ring a bell? If you are tired of that kind of getaway and need a change, congratulations! At EcoFit Experience, we offer you to enjoy an active vacation, which will bring you much more than gaining 3 extra kilos and a scary tan when you return home.

EcoFit Experience sounds good, but… What is it?

As its name indicates, our experience is based on 2 fundamental pillars:

Eco: respecting the environment, making our contribution, and enjoying the environment with respect, leaving the places exactly as we found them. Reduce our footprint and impact on the earth, with gestures as simple as carrying bags to buy fruits and vegetables, eat local and fresh products.

Fit: feel good about your body. Not just being able to run, swim, or lift weights; We also mean learning to listen to your body and give it what it needs. Reconnect with yourself through activities such as yoga or a walk on the beach at sunrise / sunset, pay attention to our diet to enjoy a healthy body, with real and fresh food that helps us nourish ourselves.

EcoFit means to live the experience like a local, meet the essence of the Canary Islands. We want you to enjoy the island, to be able to talk about its gastronomy, its people, and the diversity of its wonderful landscapes.

In short, EcoFit Experience is a vacation where you can practise sports, discover the island of Gran Canaria, eat healthy, do yoga, take walks on the beach, enjoy good company, connect with yourself and people like you, get tan... And all this, respecting the environment and what nature has to offer 😊

The place with the longest daylight hours in Europe

Unless you live here in the Canary Islands, you will surely be thinking about summer all year round: its longest days, the sun, walks on the beach ... In addition, you will be planning your next well-deserved vacation, especially after the madness we have lived this last year!

You will have heard of a place where winter (if you can call it that way) reaches 20 degrees, where palm trees are a constant part of the landscape, and where you can be walking through the Dunes of Maspalomas in the morning and watching a sunset above the clouds in the centre of the island in the evening. This magical place is called Gran Canaria, one of the 8 islands of the Canary archipelago. A place of volcanic origin that, although it is located near the African coasts, is part of the European Community, with the security and advantages that all this entails.

Why did it take us so long to bring you such an experience?

Because before we realized that we wanted to share our lifestyle with you and discover Gran Canaria together, we were traveling through different places on our beautiful planet. I know, we could have returned before time, but they say that good things always take time... And here we are! Encouraging you to sign up for something different; A vacation made for you, an active rest that we hope will make you enjoy every activity you will take part into.

We want you to be part of our lifestyle, to help you feel better, to feel connected with yourself and with people who have decided to join a unique experience, surrounded by nature and sun. But that is not all, it's not just a week, it's about giving you an unforgettable experience; a step towards a conscious, respectful, healthy life, with more energy and hope for the future.

Next week we will reveal the dates of the first EcoFit experience, sign up here to receive more information and enjoy a 50% discount on our Beta Experience!

We hope to see you soon! 🌴

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